The beautiful chaos of pipeline surfing for beginners


5 basic rules that a beginner must follow while going kayaking on their own


It's exciting to glide through the air wearing an open parachute!


We offer top kitesurfing spots in the world for you to enjoy

Best Beaches
On The Coast

We create a fun, relaxed and supportive environment where we teach the art of surfing including technical skills, awareness of the ocean and how to stay safe at the beach.

Corporate Surf

A corporate surf lesson with Briny can be a great team-building activity for staff in your company or business. Just an hour away from the city.

Popular Courses

Kayaking can be done as a hobby, a competitive sport or as…

What Our Customers Say

« Nous fabriquons des bateaux depuis près de trente ans, avec passion, constance et attention tout au long du processus de construction. Nos bateaux sont conçus pour qui, comme nous, aime profiter de la mer. »

“Seit fast dreißig Jahren bauen wir unsere Boote mit Leidenschaft, Ausdauer und Aufmerksamkeit während des gesamten Konstruktionsprozesses. Unsere Boote wurden für Menschen entwickelt, die wie wir das Meer genießen möchten.”

“We have been producing boats for almost 30 years, with passion, perseverance and attention throughout the construction process. Our boats are designed for those who, like us, love to enjoy the sea.”

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